Oct 26th 6:00-8:00pm

Bellevue Newport Shores Yacht Club

Keys to Understanding Procrastination: Strategies for Improving School Performance! 

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  • Define and understand procrastination, self-regulation, emotional coping & brain development

  • Discover what type of “procrastinator” you are, and gain strategies for managing procrastination & developing good habits that stick

  • Understand how to navigate school performance issues and access supports (504/Learning plans/IEP’s)

  • Explore ways to partner with your child and avoid conflicts around homework, studying and other daily task

  • If you are an adult in the working world or a college student with procrastination issues, come and learn valuable information about what the latest research says about your executive brain and how to begin "conquering" procrastination! 

This workshop is appropriate for students in middle school, high school and post secondary

This workshop is designed for students and parents /guardians to attend together

Parents/guardians must accompany students grades 6th-10th grade and it is encouraged parents attend with students 11th grade and up. 

Private class offered contact megan@hallowelltodarocenter.org

Individual adults are welcome to sign up for this workshop 

 New Workshop Dates:

October 26th- 6:00-8:00pm Newport Shores Yacht Club

Feb 8th- 6:30-8:30 Location TBA

April 26th 6:30-8:30 Location TBA


$65 parent + 1student/or spouse ( two tickets for $65)

 $15 student ticket when purchased with the family/parent +1 $65 ticket (intended for additional students in the same family)

$25 individual ticket  ( information great for parents with kids of ALL AGES)

*students under the age of 12 have a hard time with 2 hours of content which is why we suggest students attend only if they are developmentally ready/able to sit and listen for an extended period of time. Please consider your child's ability to listen to content before signing them up!  


 Mēgan Reimann presents this family workshop intended for parents and students to attend together in order to learn about the developing executive brain, procrastination & school performance. By learning together, we can better target the problems that generally become a source of conflict at home, and find strategies that meet the needs of the individual situation. Overcoming procrastination, improving parent/student relationships and improving overall performance begins with learning! 

We will explore procrastination, executive functions, ADHD, willpower, habits, home and work routines, task performance, work production, life goals and much more!

This is the perfect time to have someone else talk to your adolescent about procrastination and “just doing it!!!”

Information is power!

Find the power to conquer procrastination and understand yourself as a learner!