Academic Intervention Support Team


Our Academic Intervention Support team is made up of a group of individuals who have had many years of experience working in schools as teachers, specialists, mental health counselors and consultants. This growing area of service is in line with our “wrap around” service approach, with the goal of integrating services in order to provide support for parents, students and educators. Our team can work with you and your school in order to pinpoint problematic areas related to skill development, work production, behavioral issues, emotional development, program implementation and more... Working as a team with your school, we can provide valuable support and interventions at the "point of performance" where these issues often take place. 

Examples of services our team provides:

  • In-school observations
  • Classroom observation and behavioral consultation 
  • Student behavior coaching
  • Strength based life skills classes for students grades 3-12
  • Consultation and collaboration in area of program development and implementation, IEP/504 plans, behavior plans, modifications & accommodations
  • Program review, consultation and strategic implementation specific to Learning Support Services
  • Consultation and education around screen use and technology management   
  • Teacher/staff education and training
  • School based mental health/counseling services