Meet Our Team - Mēgan Reimann

Micah Price, MSW, LSWAIC

Mēgan Reimann, Special Education MA.Ed., NBCT


Position at the Hallowell Todaro ADHD Center:

Professional Development Lead/Learning Specialist, ADHD Coach


How long have you been working at the Hallowell Todaro ADHD center?

Since it opened just about! February of 2014.


Where did you grow up?

Bellevue, Washington


What are your favorite books / TV shows / movies?

Favorite book was The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter!


What is your favorite sport and/or sports team?

Sonics...I want them to come back!


Complete the following sentences:


When I’m not at work, you can find me....

working on my creative ideas!


When I want to de-stress, I...

workout, dance, laugh. 


My favorite time of year is...



My favorite thing to cook is...



The best gift I ever received was...

drawings from my kids, nieces and nephews. 


If I could travel anywhere in the world, I’d go to...

anywhere there are castles!


What led you to pursue a career helping others?

I have been a teacher for as long as I have been out of college. I have always loved kids, babysat, and worked with kids at camp.


What education, skills and expertise do you bring to your role?

I graduated college with a “dual certification” in general education and special education and over the years I have had a wide range of experiences both as a regular classroom teacher and as a special education teacher. This has provided me with the rare opportunity to experience classroom teaching in various contexts, working with faculty and parents from different roles, and interacting with a wide range of curriculum. Because of this, I feel I am able to provide a valid perspective when mentoring and educating teachers about classroom interventions that work. It helps that I have been in many different classroom experiences and come from a place of understanding the issues classroom teachers face.


Who/what inspires you?

My former students inspire me, in particular the ones who have overcome great challenges and who have shown relentless determination and resilience despite what their lives have laid out in front of them.


What’s your personal philosophy/approach toward the work you do?

I always repeat these things:

  • "Kids do well if they can...If they can’t, it is due to lagging skills and unsolved problems.” - Ross Greene
  • “We need to help kids show what they know… interventions need to be at the point of performance.” - Dr. Russell Barkley
  • "We need to focus on 'process over product.' The process of learning is more important than the product."  - Michelle Garcia Winner
  • Find the “reason behind the behavior” and “respond with a purpose.”


What is one small thing people can do to improve their lives and increase their happiness?

Unplug from social media and screens and take a nature walk or be with nature without a phone! 😊

Megan is an ADHD coach and also provides professional development training for educators. 

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