Calm & Connected

New Fall Dates for Class Series: 

October 2nd 10am for 7 consecutive weeks

$550 (individual)

$800 (couple)


October 4th 6:30pm for 7 consecutive weeks

$850 (individual)

$1300 (couple) 


This class class series is taught in a group format by Aimee Horn. For more information please call or email our center.

This class series is offered privately through Peggy Gomula our Lead Parent Coach. If you are not interested in a group class and would like to take this class series privately, please contact the center to arrange an appointment to meet Peggy. 

To Register for this class please call the Hallowell Center as times and prices vary depending on  how you choose to take the class: morning, evening, single, couple or private.


(206) 420-7345  


Our signature class series is called  "Calm and Connected" and is a curriculum our parent coaches and therapists teach either in a whole group setting or individually. 

In each of these progressive classes, we will focus on a different area of parenting our children who have ADHD. Our goal is to better understand and work with the unique challenges our children bring to the family, school, and their social relationships. By the end of the seventh session, you will have many new parenting skills to make your relationship with your child – and your whole family – more connected, loving, and calm.

Some of the weekly topics are:

The biological differences in the ADHD brain and how they impact your child and family
Why calm and connection are key to reaching your child – and how to achieve both
How to break the cycle of your child’s defiance and collaborate instead How parents can become more consistent, communicate more clearly, and offer consequences that are impactful.

Session 1 - ADHD
Session 2- Calm and Connected
Session 3 - Communication
Session 4 - Collaboration
Session 5 - Clarity Consistency
Session 6 - Consequences
Session 7 - Choices