More than half of children with ADHD also have co-existing learning disability that may impact their success and learning at school. Evaluation through psychological assessment can help identify cognitive, academic, social emotional, and executive functioning strengths and weaknesses.

Testing data, as well as information gathered through an intake interview, review of patient-provided school records, and rating scales is utilized. This multi-pronged approach provides a complete picture of patient’s learning profile. An additional optional feature can be advocacy within the school system for your child (charged at an hourly rate).


The comprehensive evaluation includes:

  • In depth cognitive evaluation related to the 7 domains of cognitive functioning that relate to learning (i.e. crystallized knowledge, short-term memory, and processing speed)

  • Academic testing in the areas of reading, writing, and math
  • Social-emotional evaluation, involving rating scales completed by parent, teacher, and student
  • Executive Functioning evaluation, involving rating scales completed by parent, teacher, and students ages 11 and older

Testing is typically broken up into two 3.5-hour testing sessions. Specific instruments and the make-up of testing is tailored to specific referral concerns. The evaluation report, which takes 6-8 weeks to write, identifies strengths and weaknesses and provides recommendations for further treatment.

Please note there is no guarantee that the special education process will be expedited or that the school will not request further information or evaluation.