Psychotherapy, often referred to as “talk therapy,” uses a combination of insight, reflection and analysis to understand, and thereby alleviate, the symptoms of psychological distress.

Successful psychotherapy treatment uses the knowledge gained from past experiences to help resolve present day conflicts.

Although psychotherapy is not specifically used to treat ADD and ADHD, it can help treat many of the side effects – depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems – often associated with ADD and ADHD. In his best-selling book on ADD, “Driven to Distraction,” Dr. Hallowell stresses the importance of the ADD patient “being heard.” At The Hallowell Todaro Center, we believe that the treatment of ADD should never overlook the fact that “the patient is a person first, and a person with ADD second.”

The Hallowell Todaro Center is best known for treating ADD and other learning conditions, we are a full service center. We treat a wide range of cognitive and emotional problems including anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, OCD, bipolar disorder, developmental and learning disorders, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders. Psychotherapy plays a critical role in helping resolve these types of problems.