On-Line Workshops/Webinars

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New Date: March 12th 7pm EST/PST


ADHD & Study Skills That Work: Tips for Tweens, Teens & Those Who Help Them!


This webinar is for parents & students! The information is geared toward upper grades. 5th-12th grade. Material is also appropriate for students transitioning into college or in the first year or post secondary education. 

Topics Covered:

  • What does current neuroscience say about the learning brain, ADHD and other learning differences (visuals presented in such a way that students can understand their learning brain) 
  • Persistence, Attention, Motivation, Work Production/Completion, Procrastination & Time Management, Habits & Routines
  • Balancing Screens & Social Media
  • Effective, key strategies for students with ADHD & Learning Differences
  • Goal setting & self advocacy skills & accommodations

$30 Family Ticket

This webinar will be followed by an on-line workshop series for middle school & high school students. This on-line workshop series will address study skills weekly, as well as plan weekly, check grades, make goals and provide options for on-line drop in study halls. Look for this workshop series to begin late April through May. STAY TUNED!!