Parent Coaches

Peggy Gomula, PCI Certified Parent Coach
Peggy has a BA in English with a specialization in early childhood education.   She is married with three grown daughters, the entire family having the gift of ADHD.  Her experience has included being a mom, a soccer coach, a girl scout leader, a teacher, student and a parent coach.  Her strong commitment to wanting to help parents led her to become a Certified Parent Coach in 2003.  She built a strong practice but was seeing a growing need for helping parents struggling in an ADHD environment.  That led her to the teachings of Dr Hallowell.  She was enlightened and inspired by his teachings and fully embracedthem inhere practice.  Her practice today is devoted to helping parents understand the gift of ADHD, unlock its potential, and providing them with the tools to raise their children in a fun, calm, and connected household.


Sally Kidder Davis  M.ED., PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Sally has been supporting parents and families for over 30 years. She has a Masters in Community Health Education from Oregon State University and her Parent Coach Certification from the Parent Coaching Institute. Sally is married and an adoptive parent of three fabulous young adults. She has been a university health educator, an executive director of two non-profit organizations, and a consultant for a large corporation. Sally was a founding partner and Parent Coach with Sound Parent for five years. She is a lifelong meditator and in her leisure time enjoys hiking, skiing and gardening. Currently, Sally has a private practice on Bainbridge Island, and is co-owner of Life’s a Poodle, a company dedicated to promoting the success and dignity of children who learn differently.