Providing school based support.

An area we have seen a recent demand in, is providing services and support to families and educators in the school setting to address learning differences, the IEP process, 504 accommodations, behavioral supports at school, and working together with schools, families and providers . Strength based therapy and coaching are invaluable services, and in addition to providing those services, working directly with educators, families and the child at the "point of performance" in the classroom is an important part of our wrap around service model. Creating a team approach to include providers and educators, in addition to parents and the child is essential. 

Academic Consulting:

Our Academic Intervention Support Specialists will meet with parents to discuss parent concerns regarding student academic performance. Parents can gain an understanding of learning disabilities, ADHD and how they affect academic performance. Our Support Specialist also works with parents who want to gain a better understanding of the IEP, and 504 plan process and implementation, appropriate accommodations and modifications. Parents will gain a deeper understanding of how to work with the school and how to access help for struggling students.  

**Clinicians and Coaches will charge their hourly rate for an agreed upon amount of time to review, assess and write 504 accommodations and recommendations when conducted outside the client meeting time. 

In school services that we offer.

School Observations: 

  • Our academic intervention support team specialists conduct in-school observations in order to help target skills and behaviors needing to be addressed in the school setting.
  • In-Class Observations typically include the following, but are not limited to what is mentioned below. Observations are tailored to individual needs:
  • Student transitions from one activity to the next, or from direct instruction to seated work
  • Collecting data on how many students are on task, neutral or off task in comparison to your child
  • Teacher interacts with the students, how they gain attention and help them transition to seat work or group work
  • Observing the energy level in the classroom and how your student fits in or feeds off of others( or not)
  • Observing where the student struggles with active listening, getting the directions, if the student can transition and initiate the task, and then  persist through the task in comparison to the other students
  • Observing potential problems in getting directions, understanding directions, outputting and completing a task etc...

In School Coaching: 

Many of our Coaches will go to the school site to do coaching. This typically depends on school policy and scheduling. 

School Meetings: 

In order to bring together supports and interventions it is often times important to meet with school personnel ( class teacher, administrator, school counselor, learning difference support person etc...) in addition to the parents and when appropriate the student. These meetings help bring the team together as a cohesive unit and allows everyone involved with the child to be on the same page and develop a plan together with appropriate supports.