Direct Student Support Services

  • Student Groups
  • Individual Coaching

Teacher Support Services

  • Consultation
  • Professional Development
  • IEP/Accommodations & Student Support Plan Collaboration

Mental Health Care Services

  • School Counselor On-Site
  • Individual Therapy Care
  • Behavioral Support

 Related Services

  • Cognitive & Academic Assessment/Neuro-Psych Testing
  • Classes & Educational Presentations for Parents, Teachers and Students

Direct Student Support Services

Student Groups:  Small groups of students led by a coach or therapist. The focus of this group is on supporting the development of executive function skills in order to improve study skills, time management skills, behavioral/social skills and school performance.

Individual Coaching: One-to-one coaching to support individual student needs in the areas of executive functioning and school performance

Individual/Small Group Therapy: Delivered by one of our mental health providers in area of need

Mental Health/ Behavioral Support Services

School Counselor/Therapist

Teacher Support Services

Consultation: We offer consultation in the areas of academic issues, behavioral issues and learning support plan development.  

Professional Development: 

We offer a menu of topics and learning targets for educators depending on need and we can tailor and personalize trainings. We offer 1hr to all day trainings.

Educational Classes & Presentations for parents and students

Availability of the classes and presentations may vary and new classes are continually added. Be sure to check in with us regarding what we are currently offering.