Date: Monday, June 4 2018

Time: 7-9pm EST and 7-9pm PST

Cost: $55 per family (one device)



Join us for this two-hour webinar presented by Mēgan Reimann. Discover what neuroscience says about how the developing, learning brain is changing in this digital age, and what parents and teachers need to know. Teens and tweens are welcome to join in with parent or caretaker, and re-plays will be available for those who register.

The webinar will cover: 

  • Understanding technology and screen use as it relates to the developing, essential cognitive skills, learning, school performance and family relationships
  • Understanding the “reward” system and effects of this digital age on the wiring of developing brains, attention, boredom tolerance, frustration tolerance and motivation
  • Addressing concerns around boundaries, balance, addiction and social skills
  • Unpacking what the research indicates about “Training up” self-regulation” (emotion regulation, attention, persistence and flexibility)
  • Managing screen use, homework and home routines, power struggles and finding balance
  • How to start! Five actions parents/teachers can take TODAY no matter how old the individual is… It is never too late! (our brain is plastic and always learning and adapting)

The key to change is learning about the reason behind the behavior and by focusing on skills that translate to improved performance both in the classroom, and at home.

Can't join us for the live webinar? If you sign up, we will give you access to a recorded version, as well as any handouts/resources we discussed during the session. 


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