We provide comprehensive support that draws on individual strengths.

It's our belief that ADHD and other cognitive conditions are merely traits, not disabilities. With the right support, these brain differences can actually be incredible assets in one's life. 


Our History

After noticing a lack of comprehensive support for ADHD in the region, Lesley Todaro LMFTA, CDPT decided to address the gap in the market herself. Together with celebrated psychiatrist and ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell, Lesley founded the Hallowell Todaro Center in 2014. In addition to our Seattle office, we opened a second location in Kirkland in April 2018.

Our Approach

Rather than the traditional deficit-based model, we take a strength-based approach to ADHD and other cognitive conditions. To us, these are simply brain differences. While these differences may make certain tasks more difficult, they also come with unique gifts that should be embraced. Through our personalized support, we help children, teens and adults "unwrap the gift."



Psychotherapy (aka "talk therapy") plays a critical role in helping resolve cognitive and emotional conditions.

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We provide support for invididuals with anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, OCD, bipolar disorder, developmental and learning disorders, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Although psychotherapy is not specifically used to treat ADD and ADHD, it can help treat many of the side effects – depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems – often associated with ADD and ADHD. In his best-selling book on ADD, “Driven to Distraction,” Dr. Hallowell stresses the importance of the ADD patient “being heard.” At The Hallowell Todaro Center, we believe that the treatment of ADD should never overlook the fact that “the patient is a person first, and a person with ADD second.”

The Hallowell Todaro Center is best known for treating ADD and other learning conditions, we are a full service center. We treat a wide range of cognitive and emotional problems including anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, OCD, bipolar disorder, developmental and learning disorders, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders. Psychotherapy plays a critical role in helping resolve these types of problems.


Medication Management

In order to provide wraparound care for our clients, we can prescribe and manage medication (when necessary). 

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A medication consultation will be set-up once a client has seen and been evaluated by one of our therapists. The client will then have an hour appointment with a Nurse Practitioner for further assessment and evaluation in order to discuss the potential use of medication to help with the symptoms of ADHD.

If a client is prescribed medication, they will come back for a 30 minute follow-up appointment that includes medication management. Once a client is stable on medication, they will need to be seen for follow up appointments every three months with the prescriber or as often as the prescriber deems necessary.



We recognize that even the best treatment plans can get sidetracked without the proper “follow-through” tools and mechanisms. ADHD Coaching gets you on track and keeps you on track.     

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ADHD Coaching provides the external structure and support to change behavior, monitor progress and create a sense of accountability. Coaching helps you achieve your goals by breaking down and simplifying all the specific tasks you need to complete first in order to reach those goals. Our certified professional coaches work with you in a non-judgmental partnership that emphasizes practical tools for time management, planning, organizing, prioritizing, and decision-making systems for effective daily living.

Our Hallowell certified professional coaches help both adults and adolescents who have been diagnosed with ADD create and maintain a proper structure at home, at school, and at the office. They work directly with the patient and the immediate family members, and sometimes educators and other services providers, to create an environment that helps facilitate the success of the overall treatment plan developed by the Hallowell Todaro Center practitioners.


Cognitive And academic assessments

More than half of all children with ADHD also have co-existing learning disability that may impact their success and learning at school. Evaluation through psychological assessment can help identify cognitive, academic, social emotional, and executive functioning strengths and weaknesses that may impact a student’s achievement at school. 

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Testing data, as well as information gathered through an intake interview, review of patient-provided school records, and rating scales is utilized. This multi-pronged approach provides a complete picture of patient’s learning profile. An additional optional feature can be advocacy within the school system for your child (charged at an hourly rate).

The Comprehensive evaluation includes:

  • In depth cognitive evaluation related to the 7 domains of cognitive functioning that relate to learning (i.e. crystallized knowledge, short-term memory, and processing speed)
  • Academic testing in the areas of reading, writing, and math
  • Social-emotional evaluation, involving rating scales completed by parent, teacher, and student
  • Executive Functioning evaluation, involving rating scales completed by parent, teacher, and students ages 11 and older

Testing is typically broken up into two 3.5-hour testing sessions. Specific instruments and the make-up of testing is tailored to specific referral concerns. The evaluation report, which takes 6-8 weeks to write, identifies strengths and weaknesses and provides recommendations for further treatment.

Please note there is no guarantee that the special education process will be expedited or that the school will not request further information or evaluation*


Parent Education

We have ongoing workshops and classes at on variety of topics to help parents understand how to support their children.

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In addition to offering workshops and classes at the Hallowell Todaro Center, we can provide them at your school or community center when a group of 10 or more sign up and pay for the class ahead of time.

Prices for classes vary. Contact us for more information.


Tutoring and Test Prep

We offer tutoring in specific areas, such as reading, writing and math, as well as general study skills support and homework help. Additionally, we run routine SAT/ACT prep classes geared toward students with learning differences such as ADHD, dyslexia and anxiety. 

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Your tutor will:

  • take the time to assess your specific academic skills
  • find both your academic strengths and weaknesses
  • work with you in a one-on-one setting which allows the student to have instruction designed just for him/her
  • learn specific skills like how to craft a strong academic essay
  • tutoring can also provide students a means of creating repeatable and self-reinforcing study habits, ones which can be utilized throughout a student’s academic career


School-based services

As part of a comprehensive care plan, our coaches and therapists provide a range of services for students, including in-school observations and meeting with teachers/school personnel. We also work directly with schools, providing ADHD training for teachers and consulting on topics such as IEPs and accommodations.

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An area we have seen a recent demand in, is providing services and support to families and educators in the school setting to address learning differences, the IEP process, 504 accommodations, behavioral supports at school, and working together with schools, families and providers . Strength based therapy and coaching are invaluable services, and in addition to providing those services, working directly with educators, families and the child at the "point of performance" in the classroom is an important part of our wrap around service model. Creating a team approach to include providers and educators, in addition to parents and the child is essential.

Academic Consulting
Our Academic Intervention Support Specialists will meet with parents to discuss parent concerns regarding student academic performance. Parents can gain an understanding of learning disabilities, ADHD and how they affect academic performance. Our Support Specialist also works with parents who want to gain a better understanding of the IEP, and 504 plan process and implementation, appropriate accommodations and modifications. Parents will gain a deeper understanding of how to work with the school and how to access help for struggling students.

Clinicians and Coaches will charge their hourly rate for an agreed upon amount of time to review, assess and write 504 accommodations and recommendations when conducted outside the client meeting time.


School Observations:

  • Our academic intervention support team specialists conduct in-school observations in order to help target skills and behaviors needing to be addressed in the school setting.
  • In-Class Observations typically include the following, but are not limited to what is mentioned below. Observations are tailored to individual needs:
  • Student transitions from one activity to the next, or from direct instruction to seated work
  • Collecting data on how many students are on task, neutral or off task in comparison to your child
  • Teacher interacts with the students, how they gain attention and help them transition to seat work or group work
  • Observing the energy level in the classroom and how your student fits in or feeds off of others( or not)
  • Observing where the student struggles with active listening, getting the directions, if the student can transition and initiate the task, and then persist through the task in comparison to the other students
  • Observing potential problems in getting directions, understanding directions, outputting and completing a task etc...

In-School Coaching
Many of our Coaches will go to the school site to do coaching. This typically depends on school policy and scheduling.

School Meetings
In order to bring together supports and interventions it is often times important to meet with school personnel ( class teacher, administrator, school counselor, learning difference support person etc...) in addition to the parents and when appropriate the student. These meetings help bring the team together as a cohesive unit and allows everyone involved with the child to be on the same page and develop a plan together with appropriate supports.


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  • Student Groups: Small groups of students led by a coach or therapist. The focus of this group is on supporting the development of executive function skills in order to improve study skills, time management skills, behavioral/social skills and school performance.
  • Individual Coaching: One-to-one coaching to support individual student needs in the areas of executive functioning and school performance
  • Individual/Small Group Therapy: Delivered by one of our mental health providers in area of need


  • Consultation
  • Professional Development
  • IEP/Accommodations & Student Support Plan Collaboration


  • School Counselor On-Site
  • Individual Therapy Care
  • Behavioral Support

We offer a menu of topics and learning targets for educators depending on need and we can tailor and personalize trainings. We offer 1hr to all day trainings.


  • Cognitive & Academic Assessment/Neuro-Psych Testing
  • Classes & Educational Presentations for Parents, Teachers and Students


Professional development

We train educators on the latest research and best practices when working with students with ADHD and learning differences. 

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Our Academic Intervention Support Specialist, Megan Reimann, has been in education for over 20 years and has rich experience and knowledge in the area of classroom and school wide based interventions and strategies. Her background as both a general education teacher and a special education teacher, in addition to her private practice experience, Megan deeply understands the challenges that face classroom teachers and has the classroom experience and educational background to address the needs of the neurodiverse classroom!

Cost of Services

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Initial Appointment - $260
History, Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Individual - $160/hour
One-on-one therapy

Family - $160/hour
For parents/guardians and children

Couples - $160/hour
Marriage and parenting

Medication Management

Initial Medication Consult - $310
60 minute session with ARNP to discuss the potential for medication

Follow-up Medication Appointment - $210
One-on-one 30 minute session with ARNP to discuss medication


Standard coaching - $110/hour
Personalized techniques to address issues

Coaching w/ Therapist - $160/hour
Blending therapy/coaching sessions to address emotional and behavioral needs

Skype/Phone Coaching - $110/hour
Personalized techniques to address issues

Parent Coaching - $160/hour
Coaching to address concerns around parenting a child with ADHD

Cognitive and Academic Testing

Comprehensive Package - Call for pricing
(approx 7 assessment hours)

Tutoring and Academic Support

Tutoring - $125/hour
One-on-one lessons supporting subject matter comprehension, homework completion, special school projects and general study skills.

SAT/ACT Tutoring - $200/hour
A blend of subject matter comprehension (Math, Writing, etc.) and test-taking strategies (time mangement, exam shortcuts, question analysis, etc.) to fully prepare students for the SAT and/or ACT.

SAT/ACT Prep Class - $950
Group SAT/ACT prep class geared towards individuals with ADHD, Dyslexia and other learning challenges

School Observation - $300
One hour or more in the classroom, 45min-1hr for write up and strategies

Educational Consultation - $150/hour
Learning Specialist will meet with parents to discuss parent concerns regarding student academic performance (additional travel fee for off-site meetings)

Professional Development

Professional Development
- $450/hour
- $375/hour when booking for more than one hour
Call to find out which members of our Academic Intervention Support Team best fits your teacher education and/or consultation needs.

Hallowell Program

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There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be billed in full, except in the case of an emergency. Payment is due at time of service.

Please note, at this time we are not contracted with any insurance providers.